Thursday, August 9, 2012

TTD Thought on Chevron Patterns

There's a new thought up over at Thinking Through Design on Chevron Patterns.  I was excited when I saw this thought as there is an amazing tutorial by Julia Stainton on how to make a big chevron.  It did take me a little bit of time and to be honest I was too lazy to glue each piece down on the back so I decided to sew instead and am very happy with the results.  Since the chevron is such a fun pattern I knew I wanted my theme to be about a fun day and this goofy photo was perfect.  I then created 3 big chevrons and staggered them at the bottom trying to keep the bottom of my layout from being too heavy.  I then created a smaller version by cutting all of the dimensions in half for the top to help balance it out.  I had a great time creating this for the thought and hope you'll give it a try.  Here is my take on the challenge: