Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Craft Time

A month or so ago I came across a darling project from Leslie Ashe. I decided I must give it a try. Usually I'm one that sees fun ideas but rarely make them. Well at Memorable Seasons, we are sharing each Wednesday from now until Christmas a Christmas craft to help inspire you. This week it's my turn. So I pulled out last years Echo Park line and got to work. The trick is to figure out the order of your paper and then once you have the length figured out, cut it at that length and the width is 2". Roll up your paper gluing it to seal the paper tube closed and once you have it all laid out the way you want just glue them down to the canvas. I created a dimensional star and popdotted it for the top and then added buttons and brads for my ornaments. I decided I wanted to add a frame using one of my border punches. So if you're like me and see crafts you like but rarely make, give this a try. If you create a project(not a layout or card) using rolled paper your name will go into the monthly draw at Memorable Seasons. I'd love to have you link back here so I can see what you create.

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  1. this is great!!! I am adding it to my pinterest board to make next year!