Saturday, February 8, 2014

3 Scrappy Boys January Challenges

Over at 3 Scrappy Boys we have 2 challenges for January with the deadline coming up fast (Due February 15)

In case you missed them, here are the 2 challenges:

January 20th Challenge: Your challenge is to create a layout with the following on it in some way:


ink or mist

an arrow (or more if you want)

3+ patterned papers

January 30 challenge:I'm challenging you to create your own title-less layout!

These challenges are due no later than midnight February 15. Be sure and post your layout in the gallery and in the original thread (they are linked above).

So, the big question...what could you win??!! How about a prize pack from 3 Scrappy Boys worth at least $20!! Not a bad deal for doing what ya love!!

** winners from outside of the US will have the option to receive the prize pack and pay shipping, or receive $20 store credit**

So be sure and share your layouts with us.  The chances of winning are fantastic so get yours done today!

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