Thursday, February 18, 2010

My favorite Album

On the boards at Let's Scrap the question of the week is: What is your favorite layout or project. It was an easy question, or so I thought. As I was pondering what my favorite project was, I remembered a special album I created back in 2007 about the journey I went through after losing my baby at 22 weeks - what I experienced and more importantly, what I learned. I thought I'd share the album here for those who wanted to see all of the pages. I do have a lot hidden journaling throughout the book and will try to explain what I have written there. I made this wooden cover and used Chatterbox black refills for my pages
This journaling is about a dream I had several years before I got pregnant...hence the title.This is about how I thought I was done with kids and how I was shocked that I was pregnant and then had to go and buy all new maternity clothes, baby stuff, etc.
This talks about how we went into our ultrasound all happy and excited because I just knew this had to the girl I saw in my dreams. Then to find out there was no heartbeat and the devastation of the news. The file folder holds excerpts from my journal.
This layout is about all the decisions we had to make when it came time to deliver the baby. The right side with the small black photos talks about each momento and why it means so much to me. Under the D you can see my baby's tiny handprints.
The words over the Savior's face are lyrics from a song that really helped me understand why the Lord would have me go through this challenge. The right side talks about all of the many questions I had and then the little mini album has more journaling excerpts.
This talks about all the many angels who helped us through this family, my friends and the amazing doctor, who took all the charges off of my bill and told his staff to refund me my money so that I could pay the hospital bills for in his words, "She's lost enough." What a miracle and a blessing.
This talks about how having 3 amazing children to come home to helped me get through this challenge.
Going back through this sure brings back a lot of emotion but in the end, this challenge, as all challenges made me who I am.


  1. All I can say is Wow!!! That is a beautiful albumn filled with beautiful memories and dreams. I am so sorry that you had to go through that kind of heartbreak.

  2. Thanks for sharing the rest of the album Sally. It is moving beyond words~

  3. Thanks for sharing the restof your album Sally! It made me cry (again........) and as you said; It made you who you are even though it were horrible times. (((HUG)))